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Thread: PSP as a hard disk for PS2.

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    PSP as a hard disk for PS2.

    Every day out options and files you have to burn several CDs to p*** on the memory card?
    With your PSP, and with this guide you will never have this problem!
    With the PSP because you can transfer files from PC to PS2 options!

    Programs to use:

    Laplace-SUITE download here -> MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
    (right click -> save as)
    This is a bin / cue to cd, you can burn with nero or alcohol (I used the latter);
    This program allows you to read files on the PSP or a USB stick (thanks to m***imo.briante).

    PS2-SAVE BUILDER -> MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Transfer from PC to your PSP FOR PS2:
    Take a file in XPS format options.
    click file to open the XPS file and will appear in 3 files:

    BESLES-54204PES6OPT (click on the desktop and select Extract)

    When you extract the file to your desktop BESLES-54204PES6OPT copied to the PSP and connect it to the PS2;

    Insert the CD before burning (LAPLACE Suite).

    A menu will appear, select M*** and enter in your PSP.

    click on the file BISLPM-66374WE10OPT

    crushed R1 (a menu)

    select copy then go back with the triangle to select mc0, enter the folder of your lifeboat PES6 (BESLES-54204PES6OPT, so you MUST HAVE A RESCUE BASIC)

    R1 crushed select paste (paste) and you will overwrite the file options!

    Transfer from FO PS2 PSP PC

    After starting the program selected filebrowser mc0 then go to folder options and select the file BESLES-54204PES6OPTschiacciate R1 select copy, go back with the triangle on the circle to go into m*** m*** crushed, crushed R1 meal selection and you'll have copied to the pen. Then go to the PC open an xps file will appear in those 3 files I mentioned above, select edit, add files and overwrite the BISLPM-66374WE10OPT then do Save As and give the name of your choice.
    Now you have your personal FO as XPS.

    PS the ps2 save builder program allows you to save the FO XPS and NPO as well as allows you to read entrambi.Ovviamente this procedure applies to any game.

    sOurce - PSP ITA
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    thanks for the advice!'


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