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Thread: Is this possible usb hub with two hard drives?

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    Is this possible usb hub with two hard drives?

    Is this possible my usb hard drive is almost full with my backup games. If i was to hook up a usb hub and plug in a 2nd usb hard drive would usbloader gx work with the two hard drives in cunjunction? I do realize I could get a larger hard drive and copy everything to that but I already have the other hardrive on hand and do not wanna spend the money on a larger one.

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    Unlikely as there is no functionality to switch between drives. Now it could be something they add in the future and it might be a neat update, but right now the software would have no way to differentiate the two drives. Also, I tried connecting my USB HDD to a USB Hub (so I could use my keyboard, Rock Band, etc.) and it didn't recognize my HDD while even plugged into the hub. Granted it could just be the limitation of the passive hub, but in any case the software didn't recognize my HDD unless it was directly connected. :-(
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    I think only a hardmod like WODE can accomplish that.
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