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Thread: Mario Kart Wii Online - Sharing Data with Nintendo

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    Hey Wiihacks, just thought I would post this for people who may have been curious like I was about playing a backup of Mario Kart Wii online. When you attempt to connect to WFC to play Mario Kart Wii online, you may receive a message that says something to this effect:

    When playing Mario Kart Wii, you can select to have your Mii, nickname, record, and ghost data sent to Nintendo automatically. This information could also be viewable by other players.

    And it will be followed by either a "Permit" or "Deny" option.

    For those who are wondering if you will get banned from Mario Kart Wii online for permitting this data exchange, there is no need to worry at all. I permitted the data exchange two days ago and haven't gotten banned once. I've played 3 online battles and it's been great! It seems Nintendo really DOES only ban you if you decide to cheat in-game.

    You also have the option to deny the data exchange later should you change your mind.

    Hope this helps anyone out who may have been nervous about that message!

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    It's a well-known fact N can't or doesn't bother to check for original media on games being played online; that being said, N is known for banning if you're caught cheating.

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    Thank you for the clarification nightstah! Initially, when the message came up, I was afraid because I had wondered if there was "more than meets the eye" so to speak and whether Nintendo would actually check additional stuff than what was listed, such as what I've played recently or how I've been playing it.

    Apparently only M$ are the one's who do such a thing as of now!

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    I believe Sony/PS3 does this as well, but cannot say for certain (I don't own one).

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