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Thread: How to play DVD's when I have WODE installed?

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    How to play DVD's when I have WODE installed?


    I've got homebrew installed and WODE as well, but I'd like a way to bypass using Homebrew and just watch my DVD's? Is that possible? I tried to find for a thread with this question but I guess I really suck in forums =='' . Neways if anyone knows of anything or possible another thread please just show me the link!.

    Thank you for your time

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    From what I understand the DVD needs to be in .iso format on your ntfs formatted HDD and you need a homebrew media player with a DVD playback ability to be able to watch the DVDs.

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    damn, I thought the WODE was gonna make everything possible. haha. thanks neway!

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    just buy a chinese dvd player, cheap and effective

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    The DVD playing function is one of the things contained in the WODE roadmap. The dev teams vision is for for the WODE to be a complete game (Wii and GameCube) and media hub that connects to the web and or the home network.

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    hahaha ive got a DVD player but ya noe, u cant stop asking for more!

    cool! i will be waiting patiently for any WODE updates. damn sure they gona improve it heaps!

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