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Thread: Error -1029 while installing WADs using IOS249

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    Error -1029 while installing WADs using IOS249

    Hopefully I don't seem as silly as last time, overlooking such an obvious mistake.

    But yeah, that's my problem. I get error -1029 whenever I try to install WADs, any advice?

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    Fresh from the Error Code Index. Check that out. It will help you with just about any error you get. Messie put it together.

    Wad Install Error Most likely have cIOS 37 (or other outdated/incorrect IOS) still installed. Memory might be full. Wad may be corrupt (patched/injected incorrectly).

    Q. How do I fix this Error?
    A. Fix it by uninstalling IOS249 (use AnyTitleDeleter) if you have it installed. Try using Custom Wad Manager, as some cIOS may be incompatible with the normal Wad Manager. Try a different wad.

    Edit: Forgot to add... I'd go with cios38rev17. It's the latest safe release out.

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    Disregard this, my issue was pointed out in the aforementioned thread. Thanks again! I'll post again if I run into anything else along the way...
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    Install cios38rev17 ( think it's in the softmod pack for 3.1-4.1 but just use the cios installer part of that) and see if that works. cios usually overwrites an older version. Give that a shot.

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    Yup, it all worked out quite nicely.

    Thanks for the help!

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    I had the same problem before..I had ciosxrev 19 base ios37, so I re install it again using ios38 as base


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