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Thread: WBFS Manager 3.0 for 64 Bit

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    WBFS Manager 3.0 for 64 Bit

    I recently had to switch to vista 64 bit from Windows 7 32 bit. Due to frying my Computer. WBFS works great on my windows 7. But now that im on Vista. WBFS tells me that i have to down load the 32 bit Version. After doin so. It tells me i need to download the 64 bit Version. Ive tryed both and not getting anywhere. I download the 64 bit from alot of diff. Sites. STill get the same message. Any Idea's that dont have me reformating my Computer. WOuld be alot of help. Thanks

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    does anything work on Vista??

    There was an old problem of it not running on Vista SP2 x64, maybe they never bothered to fix it due to Vista being the ultimate in fail.

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    Sweet. Guess i gotta get Windows 7 back up and running

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