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Thread: how to put wii iso on usb with format NTFS without WFSB manager

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    Us how to put wii iso on usb with format NTFS without WFSB manager


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    what? could i just format it NTFS and put the iso there does it have to be the ONLY file?

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    I think you'll have to be a little more detail... have you done the software mod?
    WFSB is need to mount and load ISO files to the USB drive you are using don't forget to check out what drives are compatible and which are not.
    SDHC Cards
    SD Cards
    USB Hard Drives

    Have you installed and seen WFSB? It will even download the Game Label for you when configured correctly (solution is on this forum).

    You can DOWNLOAD WFSB from DJMic here...

    Hope this helps!

    Remember to give thanks!

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    no the thing is COULD i just add the ISO file to a Sandisk 8 GB US that has a format of NTFS Formated by Windows 7?

    Is someone has done this does it have to be the ONLY file ont the usb or can there bur folders and other files other that ISO?????

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    CFG USB Loader supports NTFS.

    FAT/NTFS support FAQ
    The FAT and NTFS support has raised a lot of repeated questions, so here's a FAQ about that:

    Q: Can it play .iso files directly?
    NTFS: Yes.
    FAT: Yes but only .iso files which are smaller than 4GB such as forwarder .iso files or .iso files compacted with WiiScrubber. To solve the 4GB problem, convert the .iso to .wbfs format using the wbfs_file utility.

    Q: Isn't FAT limited to 4GB file size but a game iso is larger than 4GB?
    A: Yes, that's why the .wbfs files are scrubbed to save space and if it is still larger than 4GB it is split to 4GB chunks. Split files are named gameid.wbfs, gameid.wbf1, gameid.wbf2,... similar to how the a .rar archive can be split to multiple files (.rar, .r01, .r02,...)

    Q: What about the file size, games on WBFS partition are scrubbed / compressed, will it take more space on a FAT/NTFS partition?
    A: No, it will take the same space because the files are not in .iso format but instead .wbfs format, which uses the same scrubbing / compression method as on a WBFS partition, actually the file format is the same as the format of the WBFS partition. And to be even more accurate, the .wbfs files will take even less space, because the wbfs block size will be smaller too. (The size depends also on the selection which partitions are copied - all or only game)

    Q: I have copied the .iso/.wbfs files to my usb drive but the loader doesn't see them?
    A: The files have to be copied to the \wbfs folder on the FAT/NTFS partition.
    These filename layouts are supported:
    D:\wbfs\Title [GAMEID].wbfs
    D:\wbfs\Title [GAMEID]\GAMEID.wbfs
    Same for .iso:
    D:\wbfs\Title [GAMEID].iso
    D:\wbfs\Title [GAMEID]\GAMEID.iso

    Q: Can I extract all the games from a WBFS partition to .wbfs files?
    A: Yes, use this command:
    wbfs_file.exe W: extract_wbfs_all D:\wbfs
    Where W: is your WBFS partition and D:\wbfs is the FAT partition on USB (or on local hard-disk)

    Q: How to convert all the .iso files to .wbfs files in one step?
    A: Open up CMD where your iso files are and run:
    for %i in (*.iso) do wbfs_file.exe "%i"
    If you write that in a .bat batch file then you have to use %%i instead of %, like this:
    for %%i in (*.iso) do wbfs_file.exe "%%i"

    Q: How long does it take to convert one game to .wbfs?
    A: Depends on hard drive speed and (scrubbed) game size. It should take the same time as copying a file. That means a couple of seconds for a game like WiiPlay which uses only about 100MB and a couple of minutes for games that take up 4GB...

    Q: Are there any GUI wbfs managers that support .iso/.wbfs files on a FAT/NTFS partition?
    A: Yes:
    by pccfatman: Wii Game Manager - A GUI for wbfs_file.exe
    by fig2k4: Wii Backup Manager

    Q: Does running games from a FAT formatted SD / SDHC card work?
    A: Yes, but only from SD cards, SDHC compatibility is still an issue.

    Q: What is the recommended cluster size when formatting FAT?
    A: It's not important - any size should work fine. But 32kb is a good choice as that size is aligned to wii disc sector size.

    Q: Is it possible to install a game from a dvd disc to a FAT partition in .wbfs format?
    A: Yes. Just press button + to install the game as usual.

    Q: Is there any advantage using FAT/NTFS rather than a WBFS partition?
    A: Depends on personal preference. These are some of the poins:
    - no need to repartition in case the disk is already used for other stuff
    - the game files can be copied using normal file managers
    - the partition space can be shared for other purposes
    - better choice of file-system recovery / de-fragmentation tools
    - only cIOS 222/223 v4 can be used. FAT/NTFS using cIOS 249 is not supported.
    - limited choice of loaders: only CFG and GX support FAT/NTFS at the moment.
    - install game on NTFS is disabled at the moment because of libntfs write instabilities (install on FAT works fine)
    - loading speed should be approximately the same compared to WBFS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tealc View Post
    WBFS Intelligent GUI
    I think Wii Backup Manager is a better solution.

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    so from my understanding its better to use FAT32 formatted drives
    but... are the games preferred to be in .wbfs or .iso?
    and if the drive is NTFS is it better to be .wbfs or .iso or its just an issue of saving space and nothing to do of being better?

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    Yes FAT32 is recommended.

    .wbfs files should be used for NTFS or FAT32 loading....yes it's for saving space.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    yes, makes total sense now. (FAT32 has 4gb limit, so no need for the .iso here, but burners need the .iso to burn ... so yeah... so it all depends on where you want to store)
    I see that in wii backup manager, there is an option for enabling full scrubbing, but its unticked by default. Isn't this better for scrubbing? Any downsides in this or reasons not to use? I m not interested in keeping .iso images just .wbfs.
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    possibility of this guide being wrong? 0%
    possibility of you doing it wrong? 100%

    Wii Softmodding - Basics and Beyond

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