Today, Team Cyclops has released another firmware of the CycloDS, Firmware v1.58 BETA 2.
This is a beta firmware. Use at your own risk.

CycloDS Evolution v1.58 BETA 2 firmware has been released for testing, changes include:

# Fix for file time stamp issue
# Fix for "argv" information passed to homebrew software
# Fixed save size for 4323, 4568 [4323 - Unknown, 4568 - Style Savvy (U)]
# Experimental game compatibility fix for 4747, 4748

SOURCE - CycloDS Revolution
DSiHacks.NET - CycloDS Firmware v1.58 BETA 2 - DS / DSI Hacks - DS/DSI Hacks and Homebrew Community

The upgrade process is simple and painless. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Place the "update.evo" file in the root directory of your MicroSD.
2. Insert the MicroSD back into the CycloDS Evolution.
3. Insert the CycloDS Evolution into your Nintendo DS.
4. Power on the Nintendo DS and start CycloDS Evolution as you would normally.
5. The update will be launched automatically. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Once the update has completed the "update.evo" file will be removed from your
MicroSD, so you do not need to remove it manually.


Moonshell v2.10 DOWNLOAD -

* Download MoonShell v2.10 either as a 38.3MB .exe or 64.7MB .zip file and extract it to your computer.
* Copy the folder 'moonshl2' to the root of your card
* Copy moonshl2.nds anywhere on your card. (CycloDS users)
* Run Moonshell2 from the Apps menu of your card.
* When you first run Moonshell it will ask you to confirm which language you wish to use, for English scroll up and select "CP000: ENG/English"