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Thread: (Almost) complete noob with new Japanese Wii + questions on where to start

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    (Almost) complete noob with new Japanese Wii + questions on where to start

    Hey all,

    I just recently came back from Beijing and brought a Japanese Region Wii + accessories (Wii Fit, copied games, etc.) from there, which the local store owner "kindly" installed a modchip for a small fee. (I don't know exactly which one but I'm technically skilled enough to open the Wii up and find out if need be). Now, although I've spent several hours reading through the different articles/guides ever since bumping into this site, I'm still a complete newbie and have never done any of this before, so bare with me if you will.

    (1) Obviously, the Language in my Wii menu + settings is Japanese, and I would like to switch it to my preferred vocation of English. If I have read the forums correctly, I would need to install Homebrew + AnyRegionChanger app in order to do this?

    (2) I have legimate discs of SMG and Wii Play that I bought here in the States. As I understand it, in order to play these on my modded Japanese Wii, I would need Wii Freeloader right? Also, will something like RegionFrii allow me to do this too, or does that particular program only work on backups/downloaded games?

    (3) In addition to the modded Wii games I brought some 15 or so backup/copied games from China. I haven't tested out all of them yet, and I'm slightly worried that some of these games will be in Japanese. Is there a way (say through a Homebrew app) to change the language in these games, in case they turn out Japanese? Or would it probably be easier/more feasible for me to download MULTI5 language torrents of these particular games so I can change around the language at will?

    Thanks in advance for your answers, and as I continue to read and apply the information on this site I'm sure I'll be able to figure out more along the way.
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    Hi Backdraft, Welcome to the WiiHacks community.

    1) Yes you can use HBC and AnyRegionChanger to change the region, language of your Wii, but please read up on this as much as possible before attempting it so that you are aware of any risks.

    2) If you do the region change as stateed in 1) then you should not need freeloader for NTSC-U games.

    3) There is no way, that I know of, to change the language in the game. What you should be concerned about is if there are updates in the game and the game is of a different region in which case if you decided to carry out the update then you will Brick your wii.


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