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Thread: The Noob's guide to getting help - This is another must read before posting or FAIL

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    on 03-11-2010 at 08:15 PM (374 Views)
    As I was surfing the forum the other night, it came to my attention that there are a lot of people who don`t know how to ask for help. I response to that I decided to right this little step by step tutorial for getting help fast. I will assume that you have read to rules and are aware of basic forum etiquette so I’ll get strait to the point. So you have a problem. Before to do anything , try the search button, you will be amazed at what you can find. If the search doesn’t provide you with the answers you are looking for then post your question. Here is how you do that.

    1. Forum Sections

    Although it may seem obvious to you I regularly see people posting things in the wrong part of the site, like asking questions in the blog area. The forum is divided into several different sections each pertaining to different categories of wii problem s. If you are having issues with a hardmod (chip), post your thread in the modchip section. If you bricked your wii, post your thread in the brick section etc. And if you just have a noob question to ask then post it in the newbie discussion forum. Easy,right?

    2. The thread title!! (Very important

    Your thread title is the first thing we see when navigating the forum and it should be titled appropriately. We all have our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to modding and a properly title thread will allows us to determine if your problem is in our line of expertise. Your title should be short and relate to the issue you are having. Example “usbloadergx ios236 problem” or “Save extractor/save installer issue” or “How to get NSMB to play on sd?” We all know you are a noob and need help so no need to specify that just stick with your problem. It makes its a lot easier for those who can help you to find you.

    3. Explaining your problem

    Now that you have titled your thread properly it is time to explain your situation. BE SPECIFIC!! It’s difficult to know what is wrong with your wii if your explanation is under 10 words long. That doesn’t mean to write a short novel, but at least supply us with some basic information. Here is what should be included.
    1. The issue you are having (be clear). When and how did it start. What were you trying to do when it happened? These are thing that can clue us into what your problem is.
    2. What firmware are you on and which guide did you use to softmod. A simple 4.x or 3.x will do. For chip users what model chip and version are you using.
    3. What cios versions are you running. ex. Cios38rev17 or hermesv4 222/223

    4. Be patient

    You have asked you question and now it is time to wait, while you are doing that try the search button again. Who knows , you might learn something. Don’t sit there and wait and bump your thread every 15 mins. Someone will come along. If after 24 hours your thread still hasn’t been answered click the unread posts. Look for your thread, if it is 4-5 pages back than bump it cause we might have missed it.

    4. Check out the links

    If we post a link and tell that the answer you are looking for is there, click on it and read!! You might expect us to hold your hand and walk you through this but we have many other people to help. We will point you in the right direction but you will have to do your share of the work. Why should we waste time typing answers to questions that have already been answered and you can click the link and read it for yourself.

    5. Ask questions

    So you read all the information but there is still some things you don’t understand then ask your question. I like nothing more than helping someone understand what they are doing cause it saves a lot of time from answering questions in the brick section.

    6. Share

    We helped you, now its your turn to help someone else. Share what you have learned.
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    I agree with all of this and was happy to see this blog from the moment he first did it. The only thing that was not mentioned was, posting the questions in the relevant threads of the particular guide once that direction is given. If a member instructs another to follow a guide and they are having issues, they should ask in that thread instead of coming back to the newbie area.

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    Wow! I'm flattered. Just to let you know I update it just now to include your recommendations.
    If you found this helpful please click the Thanks button.

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    I hope the noob's see this post, very good noob guide.

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    This is a good post but it will be missed as everything else which is oh so obvious.

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    Yes I saw it thanks

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    that´s pretty useful

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    hmmm... very glad i saw this, I'm a first time modder and just signed up, I do however have experience softmodding software to work on my linux, so i think I should be just fine with my wii. Thanks for the heads up on the rules, cuz like it or not, i am a hardcore wii modding noob!!!

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    I hope the noob's see this post, very good noob guide.

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    Thanks for the post. But I think you should add something:
    "Also, look in signatures, especially when no links are given in the post itself."

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