I would like to clarify where we are with using your Wode. For hard and soft modders.

For hardmodders no software changes, keep your Wii on 4.1 or let it update to 4.2.
Operation is by LCD screen and joy stick, or GC controller.
The next step if you want is to add HBC and DVDx to your Wii.
Operation is as before or run a GUI from the HBC, selects games which are displayed as name with game cover, with the wii remote.
WWW.WODEJUKEBOX.ORG • View topic - TUTORIAL: Installing HBC and DVDx for WODE Menu!
The next step is to add this GUI as a channel, requires installing a wad, so now a bit more softmodding.
Operation is now directly from the Wii menu, really nice to use.
WODE Menu v2- WODE.wad
Finally if you wish you can add Homebrew Browser, a safe way of adding content to your Wii.
Homebrew Browser - WiiBrew
The final step would be a full softmod, but thats not the intention of the Wode.