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Thread: [Tutorial] Possible Korean 4.2 Wii Unbrick

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    Guide: Fix a Theme, AnyRegionChanger, or [Maybe] Error 003 Brick

    I found this video a while back, when I was unbricking the wii, and I'm pretty sure I know how it works.
    DON'T BUY A MODCHIP UNTIL SOMEONE CONFIRMS THIS. I don't want you to spend your money.

    I also made modifications to his guide since it sucks. There is no download link on Youtube, and he only refers to the beginning part of the guide in the description, then refers to a removed download. am not sure if the Trucha Bug System IOS is required. Up to my knowledge, Trucha Bug is used for non-Nintendo discs.

    Diagnostic disc check off (startpatch), or modchip
    Functioning IOS70 Installed (trucha bugged?)
    Retail Brawl copy (pirated DVD9 version if you have modchip)

    Trucha Bug Restorer Mod
    Stack Smash (or Indiana Pwns)
    cBoot2 files
    Wad Manager 1.5
    IOS15v257 and v523 and IOS36v3351
    Trucha Bugged IOS60 & any 4.1 SystemMenu Wad

    You need to make sure you have a formatted SD Card. Delete any custom stages for SSBB before doing this. Put Trucha Bug Restorer, loadmii, Stack Smash, IOS15 & 36, and cboot2 files in the root of the SD card. Place Trucha Bugged IOS60 and 4.1 System Wad in wad folder.

    1) Enter Recovery mode using SaveMii(Frii - GC Controller in port 4 holding all d-pad buttons).
    2) Insert SD Card and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and press A.
    3) Initiate Stack smash by going into custom stages menu, and load loadmii.
    4) Use loadmii to load cboot.elf (startup.elf?), which boots Trucha Bug Restorer.
    Run Trucha Bug Restorer, load IOS36, press 1, read the warnings then select 'downgrade IOS15', select to load IOS from SD card then let it do its job. Run Trucha Bug Restorer again, this time using d-pad left/right to change the IOS, load IOS15 on first screen, select the IOS36 menu & install patched (select 'yes' on all 3 patches) IOS36 to slot 36, again using IOS from SD card. Run Trucha Bug Restorer again, load IOS36 and this time select restore IOS15. Turn the Wii off.
    6) Remove Trucha bug restorer boot.dol and replace with Wad Manager boot.dol.
    7) Repeat steps 1-4 with WAD Manager boot.dol.
    8) Use WAD Manager under IOS36 to install the Trucha Bugged System IOS60 and System Menu 4.1 wad.
    9) Reboot wii and see if it worked.

    I am not responsible if this breaks your Wii more than you did in the first place. Please note that this is not confirmed yet, and is just a modified guide.

    Credit to anyone who made whatever program I mentioned or used in this guide, and Nintendo, makers of SSBB, blahblahbla, etc., etc., etc.,
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    Good Idea but ......
    I wanna know which modchip can run SSBB in recorery mode?
    I've tried wasabi dx and drivekey but the game not work.

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    It was my understanding that SSBB will not autoboot with a non trucha patched IOS70. The guide does not illustrate that the user was at the bricked state before booting SSBB so could have a patched IOS70 in place which would allow booting.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Nop, because I tried autoboot SSBB on a hacked WII which installed CIOS70 but can't run. But other NTSC games can work but SSBB.

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    Try using Indiana Pwns.
    I doubt this will work anyways, note the 'Possible" part. I guess this is only for theme bricks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeac View Post
    Try using Indiana Pwns.
    I doubt this will work anyways, note the 'Possible" part. I guess this is only for theme bricks.
    Good idea again. But if.... there is no hacked save file in WII. How to boot the DOL file? As I kown most of the 003 error machine dead without the PWNs hack savefile.

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    Maybe people should have that on to prevent Wii bricking?


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