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Thread: help with wifi

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    help with wifi

    i tried downloading my wifi at another computer and everytime i put the disk in and try downloading the file it says it is not compatiable...what do i have to do?

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    Not sure what exactly you asking. WiFi is method of connecting your wii to your network. What are you trying to download? Are able to connec to the internet?

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    The disk that the wifi comes with to instail onto your computer so it recognizes the adapter. when i put it in to download the file it says it isn't compatiable.

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    Ok now are talking about an Rotuer installation disk, the Nintedo USB Wifi peice installation disk, or the Buffalo Wifi usb dongle disk. Those are the only things that I can think of that would be an "adapter" that you would have to run a disk for. If it is the Nintendo USB adapter which isn't sold anymore and you were running it on a xp and your friend has a vista you need to get the patch which I don't know if it is even avalible anymore. If that is what you have look for the Vista patch. Jbloggs always gets to the questions I want to answer first :\ lol


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