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Thread: Need urgent help: lost driveletters on wbfs parttions, 1.5 TB ext HD unusable :(

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    Lightbulb Need urgent help: lost driveletters on wbfs parttions, 1.5 TB ext HD unusable :(

    Okay people,
    i love this site and it has been great to see all the support from this community which has helped all of us to become a wii hacker with a master degree hahaha.

    i know this might not be the right place to post this BUT i REALLY need some expert advice here.

    My problem is:
    I was trying to backup my External Western Digital Essential 1.5 TB with smartware virtual CD (what a terrible invention) with the software called Partition Wizard Business Edition on a Windows 7 computer.
    Now when my computer rebooted it did not copy anything BUT i lost my drive letters on my original FAT32 and WBFS formatted partitions where i have/had over 700 Wiigames and lots of other stuff for my Wii. So a MAJOR problem !!!
    Here is the question: How can i manually (in the Command screen or so) add the original drive letter to my WBFS partitions so that i can backup and use them again.
    I can't do this with software because of the WD virtual Smartware CD on this external drive, it will keep the external drive in use at any time, even when i disabled it in the registry.
    The WD Smartware virtual CD is programmed in the firmware of the drive, so it will be reloaded at any time you reboot the computer, this defeats any purpose.
    Trust me i am a very experienced computer user/programmer for over 30 years but reassigning a drive letter to a wii WBFS partition is new to me, i don't want to lose any information, and my 8 year old daughter is sooo disapointed in her daddy now
    That's the last thing i ever wanted, she is the JOY of my life.

    So i can see the partitions but there is no way to access the information because there is no drive letter assigned anymore to any of the partitions, incredible how this happened but true.

    Please help us, i really would appreciate your help with this or if you know or someone you know has a fix/experience for this odd problem.

    Thank you so much...

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    Click start- run- compmgmt.msc
    Click storage- disk management
    Find your drive, right click on the partition and assign it a new drive letter.
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    Thanks, i've finally figured this out. The problem is i can't have these 2 ext HD's connected at the same time LOL.
    Never ever seen this before but it is what it is. The HD first picked up by system load gets drive letters assigned and the other is not usable at that moment (no drive letters will be visible just an asterix before every partition) till i switch the USB ports, very VERY odd. this must be a BUG from western Digital as it does not make any sence.

    Thanks for your help though !

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    Just a follow up if you wish both drives to be on at the same time just plug the first in and reassign it another drive letter. Oh it's not a WD issue at all.
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