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Thread: Need Help Burning a Game

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    Unhappy Need Help Burning a Game

    Just downloaded a new game. Ssbb. Got my wii chipped bout week fairly new...been reading up on it... My wii i think is NTSC.... I know it is the older model. So easier to chip. Anyway. i download Foosball (reasoning its a small game) and it worked fine with my skills in image burning. i downloaded super smash bros brawl. And now when i burn it. The dvd looks black, if i look at in the the computer theres only a 120kb file there saying intro. and the wii says eject and turn of the wii, look to the wii manufacturing guide for support. The torrent was called [Wii]Super_Smash_Bros_Brawl[DVD5][PAL][].rar_[mininova].torrent all the comments said good. Ive checked it 5+ times with utorrent ova the files. No corrupted found or nothing missing. What sounds to be the problem... And what upgrades recommended giving to the wii. I also have lifetime warranty (with the people that chipped it), so if it fucks up i can take it back.
    I also know kinda what im doing with hacking. I use all comp programs for free + downgraded my own psp

    I have burned on a DVD9, with ImgBurn and Nero. I have even burnt with the layer break in ImgBurn, ive even burnt with brickblocker on DVD9 with and without setting the layer break, my wii still plays the other game i downloaded. Any more suggestions.
    (As you can tell, getting DVD9 isn't a problem to me
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    burn the dvd9 version.
    I am the SSBB master...

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    im also having a problem with this.

    i followed instrcutions in another thread...

    the iso I got is...

    I put the layer break in.. but got this error as it started burning..
    W 11:47:07 Wanted: 2084960, Got: 2086912

    used a verb dual layer disc

    anyone help?


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