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Thread: New Wode Channel installed

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    New Wode Channel installed

    I have just installed the new Wode channel. (not a Wii channel but a HBC app)
    The good thing about this feature is its easy to set up.
    If your Wii is unmodded there is a simple tutorial here.
    WWW.WODEJUKEBOX.ORG • View topic - TUTORIAL: Installing HBC and DVDx for WODE Menu!
    Only HBC and DVDx required.

    If it is modded update your Wode to 1.28 add the DVDx app and run from HBC.
    The Wode powers up in the correct mode, you run the app from HBC and there are all your game covers to select a game from.

    For softmodders you could make your own channel from this, using wadder or more recently CustomizeMii.
    Use this one. WODE Menu v2- WODE.wad

    I can dump my GC controller now, all works from the wiiMote.
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