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Thread: -->Nintendo Wii LU66, how play backup games<--

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    Unhappy -->Nintendo Wii LU66, how play backup games<--

    Hello Guys, I am here because i am having some troubles about hacking my nintendo Wii lu66.
    Well my version is 3.4, and i buy a SD CARD of 1 GB, because somebody tell me that I will used it for hacking my nintendo wii...

    Well I have tried to making the hack since December last Year ( I buy my nintendo wii for chirstmas)
    So i canot able to do it.

    I download homebrew channel, and the apps that i have to use, neo gama, bootmii... etc, but the thing is that i canot install the CIOS249, it always say error...

    I tried to instal the botmii as custom ios, and then instal the cios 36... 35... 34... etc.. and nothing, it always says error -122 or 211 something like that i donot remember right now...

    So guys i am getting nuts here, please give me a tutorial for nintendo wii lu66 versions 3.4, and please i have seen that there is some tutorials that ask for internet on wii, wifi, but i donot have wifi on my house... so i canot conect to the internet whit my nintendo wii

    so please guys help me here, i need a tutorial that help me to be able to play back up games, and all the steps, etc, and please remember that is for a nintendo wii lu66 3.4 and i donot have wifi internet...

    Thy guys i hope that can recive some help!

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    Ok, what is your wii firmware version?
    is it still working, if you put the original wii game to play?

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    Unless I'm mistaken, this user (it might not be) inquired on Dogegg's tutorial for 3.1-4.1 Wiis; this is the guide he needs to do. No cop out "I dunno the error" stuff; there's an Error Index thread that would point to the proper error should he ever bother to ya know, actually check.

    Edit: yup, same poster... he needs to you know, READ the tutorial.


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