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Thread: D2 pro v2+with pre soldered clip **EJECTING issue** help

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    D2 pro v2+with pre soldered clip **EJECTING issue** help

    been using my wii flawless for about 3 weeks now with this chip installed, shorted the clk and ran the little blue cable directly to the mobo worked good, now today my son played mario kart backup and now it will not eject the DVD, what's going on, i hear a noise but the dvd does not come out, is there a fix guys please help?

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    Run the clock wire over the oscillator chip of the mdchip for a quick fix. Or if you have a d2prog, reprogram the chip to 2.3 firmware if you have a d2c wii.

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    If you are using a clip you'll need to disable the clock point (point C) on the clip and then simply solder a 3 inch piece of wire to point c on the chip, and as n1tro suggests above, run it over the oscillator and back to the point on the wii board. Use some hot glue or a few pieces of layered duck tape to hold stick the clock wire to the oscillator (this removes interferance).

    Alternatively and probably prefered would be to update via d2prog to 2.3.

    Good luck.

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