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Thread: Games are freezing when being played on NeoGamma

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    Games are freezing when being played on NeoGamma

    Here are my burnt discs and there diagnostics:

    Tatsunoko vs Capcom: CGOH: 100% Working w/WiiConnect24 on, Maybe because it's not online maybe??
    Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing: Freezes if i stay in main menu too long (Wiiconnect24 off makes it work 100%) However, i can't go online, when i click it to go online that'll also freeze regardless if WiiConnect24 is on or not
    Mario Kart Wii: Again, 100% only if WiiConnect24 is off, and when WiiConnect24 is on it freezes on the character select screen (Mainly if i go over Yoshi or Diddy Kong's icons) Same online problem persists.
    New Super Mario Bros: Neogamma won't read it at all, sends me immediately back to the Wii Menu.

    Discs i am using: Memorex DVD-R
    Program being used: ImgBurn

    Please Help Me!!!!!! So Lost!!!!!!!
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    Why not just leave connect24 off? And for nsmb go to dave's guide HERE:

    There's also a guide by pet1 on loading from disc w/ nsmb.

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    Where is Pet1's Tutorial?


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