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Thread: Question - 4.2u softmod usb hd loader + cleaning system

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    Question - 4.2u softmod usb hd loader + cleaning system

    Hi, I'm new in the forum, I spend 2 days reading all the tutorials, , FAQ, and others all over the forum.

    and there is no really clear step by step, or answers...

    So here I am.

    Friday march 12 2010 = new wii system at home.
    Checked here for the posibility to run hombrew channel on it...

    follow the step by step, IT WORKS
    now, trying to sofmod, to use USB hard drive.

    I start with problems following all the tutorials, guides, and videos.
    there was always a problem instaling c-ios, but at the end looks like it works...

    also give me the hability to run neogamma loader ( to run it, but it doesn'r read my dvds read error 1048)
    anyway, when I'm back in my wii, I try to play the new supermario bros, and it was imposible ( I've already played 3 hours back) but now say need to do a system update.

    I'll do it. and the game works.
    homebrew channel is there ( didn't open it again yet)

    my question is.
    1- is there any true step by step guide for the 4.2u in new sysytems?
    2- now that I've made that update ( because the game) is there any problem if I run HBC?
    3- is there any way to delete all the hacks ? Just to know.
    4- if I try any of the other channels, like nintendo channel, tell me that i need to do a system update ( say that from the begining, day one, brand new) Can I do this system update without problems?
    5- it is possible to run original games from the disk channel, and backups from neogamma, without problems?

    Today I like to try some isos, but i like to know, if I can run neogamma or not ( because the sys update)

    also if it doesn't work, i like to clean as much as posible and retry all the process, so a true Guide for NEW 2010 Wii with 4.2u can be apreciated.

    I know, all the people here are smart, just don't say do a search, because i already do it in the las 2 days without asking, and there is no answers. ( or are really old for my system)
    Please be smartest than, try with ---- ( any name), because I don't know what are you talking about...

    If you are here to help, please help me , i apreciate it.
    if you are not... read another post.
    thanks and keep the good work.

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    Wow this post is all over the place. and I hate to tell you this but all of these questions have been answered. It sounds like you don't really know what your doing and to understand the process better you will have to take some time and READ. I'll answer a few to get you started.

    1. Yes, in the tutorials and guides section there are two 4.2 guides.
    2. It will either work or not work. You won't hurt anything loading it up to see.
    3.Yes. In the guides section. Its called virginize.

    5. Yes

    If you bought your wii new then you most likely can't play any burned backups because you will have the D3-2 which stops this.
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    1. Yes, in the tutorials and guides section there are two 4.2 guides
    Bouth out of date due in mine, its imposible to have sucess in some cios installations, anyway, they help me a lot to have th HBC
    2- I'm going to try today, but I'm working now... this is why ( an better to know) i don't like a brick

    3- thank you

    4- ?
    5 - thanks again

    I don't like to burn dvds, i do it just for test, but i have a usb HD that I'm going to try today at night with some isos.

    trust me if you have a new wii, the guids are wrong... nobody explain, like if you don't plug a GC controller, or use buttons in the console itself, you looks like frozen.

    also install cios in mine it doesn't work like in any of the guides... I keep trying with steps I read from others problem ( not in the guide)
    so, sorry, but this is why I'm asking for an up to date guide. I know, most of you have wii for 1,2,3 years, but i have it only for 72 hours (like a lot of people)

    thx , you answer some of my questions...

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    I didn't answer number four because you should be able to figure that out by searching. If your soft modded DON'T update through Nintendo.

    It's hard to understand what exactly your saying but those 4.2 guides will work for ANY 4.2 wii. If you have problems then there is a fix, you just have to search for it.
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    Just I dont know if there is a version , newer than 4.2u.
    And if I am not available to do the system update, its imposible to run this channels forever?, if i have 4.2u ( and its the latest, newest) , what is trying to do the system update?
    the virginize guide: I already read from page 1 to 91, every single user that ask about 4.2u doesn't have a true clear answer. the manual itself say 4.2, but talk about 3.4, and 3.1
    Not all the people can understand the guide ( more than 90 pages with questions) so, i try to be clear as water... and I am trying to know, what is safe, what is not.

    any of the 2 guides work for me, also it doesn't work for several guys ( it's posted there)
    the fix u talk about, it doesn't work in my wii... (don't know why)

    like I say, i find the answer in c-ios install not in the guide.

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    Well it works for the overwhelming majority of people. If it doesn't then its most likely something your not doing right. From your questions I can tell you don't really know what your asking about, that is why I suggested doing some reading. This means searching for useful threads and posts. Not reading 91 pages of noob questions.

    4.2 is the newest update right now. To tell what system menu version you have, go to wii settings and it will be displayed in the top right corner.

    You can use the channels by installing the updated channels with wad manager(lots of info about this). Bypassing the need to update. SEARCH
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    thanks again, i know my version is 4.2u
    i know i can not run burned dvds

    just because reading, looks like if i do an update, i can brick my wii, also the update ( from the game disk) say something to wipe and remove any ilegal software, I run it, and the HBC is there... this is why I ask if is a good idea to open it, or maybe at that time brick the device.

    i know the guide work for the mayorite, just i know all the majority it doesn't have a brand new wii, and maybe there's a difference between a wii from december 2009, to one march 2010

    anyway, apreciate your help, you clarify some of my questions.

    hopefuly today i can test in deep, the usb loader, and/or seen what the update do to the channel or the software installed.

    thanks again
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    New Info and some test.

    LU4050 4.2u
    HBC works, load, and read the apps in the SD card.
    I have a USB hard drive formated, and with some isos in it. (on root)

    Pluged, open neogamma, the software runs, I select load from USB, try 30 times to mount, it doesn't do it.
    then I test GX loader ( both from hbc) the software start, say that it doesn't founf 236 , try with 36 and freeze.. no connection in the controller
    the light goes yellow. need to reboot .

    if its me, i say that some ios are installed bad, or the update made from super mario breos disk, restore the original
    I don't have any clue on how to fix it.

    that update, it doesn't affect anything, because hbc its there, and also nintendo channel,shop channel keep warning me, about do the system update to run the channel

    so my questions now are.

    1- what can I do to run usb backups on my wii?
    2- need to start all the process again or baypass the install of HBC?
    3- what guide do you recomend for my wii?
    Krank point me, that there are some safe updates, to make the channels run,
    4- where can i found this or whats the name for that?

    any advice is really apreciated.

    thank you

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