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Thread: Wasabi V3 and V5 Wiiclip + Wii D2C = no worky worky

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    Wasabi V3 and V5 Wiiclip + Wii D2C = no worky worky


    First of all thanks for your help in advance. I bought the Wasabi V3 and V5 Wiiclip. I put it in and got the green light. Thing is that it doesn't read burned disc's. I've tried 3 different images at 1x write speed using the verbatim dvd-r disc and nothing. I downloaded the Wasabi 1.2 update burned it and tried to install it but again it didn't read the disc. The funny thing is that original games work and the Wasabi's green light is on. I've also used two different computers to burn the disc's with Imgburn and Ashampoo Burning Studio. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    did you solder the F wire to the board ? Assuming you did, have you tried to burn with imgburn The Official ImgBurn Website
    media is important also what media are you using?
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    Yep, F is connected, used verbatim dvd-r disc's and ImgBurn @ 1x

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    Quote Originally Posted by uberfan View Post
    Yep, F is connected, used verbatim dvd-r disc's and ImgBurn @ 1x
    ok uberfan.......this is my suggestion, remove the wiiclip, and solder the chip to the drive instead, cause it seems that the clip flexible PCB is no good (build up a resistance in the flexible PCB) and try to use Phillips DVD-R using alcohol 120% burn the game at 4x (it seems that the wasabi v3 chip likes that kind of media) One of my customer's wii had that sort of weird problem and when I removed the clip and soldered the chip to the drive and I experimented using the Phillips DVD-R with mario galaxy burnt to it at 4x, it played the game flawlessly.


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