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Thread: Wii finds no Access points

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    Question Wii finds no Access points

    A Bit of BG Info
    So i hacked my wii a few weeks ago and found that it wouldnt read DVDs, so i decided it must be that i dont have DVDx installed i found out i couldnt do it at my version and the best thing would be to downgrade to 3.4 i was at 4.2u and did not know this was extremely dangerous. I downgraded and my wii fully bricked i sent in the wii since i had 90 days warranty after buying it off ebay for signing up at . I got it fixed and got it back on friday. Set it all up and sucessfully connected it to the internet.

    Now to what happened
    I was trying to hack the wii and was having trouble where the tutorials just didnt match up with what i got so i formatted my system memory 2 or 3 times after trying to install again always following a tutorial when i got to install the HBC it errored with a -2 error. I went back to try again since it said press any key to go back i installed again. This time it installed but froze after saying Success in green. I reset my wii and continued to follow the tut to install bootmii it also errored with -2 and i went back to do the same and retry it also froze and i reset it and finished the tut without problems. But when i tried to set up wifi again it found no access points i know there is some around i use mine on my computer right next to my wii.

    I dont know if any of the above is related to my problem but i need to know if this is fixable. I dont wanna have to wait ages for my wii to get fixed AGAIN.

    PS: If i format my wii system memory, can N tell i hacked it?

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    had no options in your poll to choose from, how about these:..........

    Does the Wii Brick easily?

    a)Yes, if you don't know what you're doing and don't bother to read or learn anything, or any background of the mod attempted.
    b) No, It's like most other devices and will brick if you don't know what you're doing and don't bother to read or learn anything, or any background of the mod attempted.
    c) Not at all , all other devices brick more than the wii if you don't know what you're doing and don't bother to read or learn anything, or any background of the mod attempted.

    FAIL You+wii =

    Succint enough?
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    Another one who thinks the format button will solve issues.

    Just put the SSID in the wifi box, add the keyword and get connected. Try removing security from the wifi connection temporarily while you get it set up.
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