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Thread: .ciso format games dont work, but iso does.. usbloader gx

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    Exclamation .ciso format games dont work, but iso does.. usbloader gx


    i got like 10 games in ciso format, and none of them work, when i try to load them on USB loader GX, when i click on the game, the system hangs and sometimes i get an error, a black screen with some codes. This happens with every ciso game that i try... i try getting the same game, in ISO format and it worked fine..

    do i need a special cISO installed? or some type of patch to make ciso games work on my USB LOADER GX?

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    You need to transfer them to your drive with WBFS Intelligent. Not WBFS 3.0. Google it.
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    i did transfer them with Intelligent v6..

    may be i need to install a custom ios? or .wad that will make them playable on my wii?

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    No you shouldn't need anything else if you can play ISO. Just extract the .ciso's from your drive into .ISO's and then transfer them back to the drive with wbfs manager 3.0 and see if that works.
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    Just FYI, I have the same problem with Data East Arcade Pack and Punch Out, quite possibly Endless Ocean 2 too. For Data East Arcade Pack and Punch Out, I've re-downloaded the ISO version and reloaded into my HD and they run fine now. Using CISO, the 2 game wouldn't even boot. Pretty odd...

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    Yes that is odd. All of my ciso games work fine. I have also extracted all my games to .ciso format to backup as well.
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    Im havin the same problem iso loads fine but ciso's I just get black screen.??

    Anybody no whats wrong?
    Or what I need to do?

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    its weird.. all the ciso didnt work.. i did extract them to iso, then put them back to hdd and didnt work either..

    i re downloaded ciso. to make sure it wasnt the download but it didnt work... my ciso dont work at all.. period =(..

    all ISOS work fine.. very weird.. and like you guys say odd..

    if any fixed is found please let us know


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    If all of the above post doesn't work, get another iso or ciso, from a diff user, could be bad file

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    i did, in fact, different games from different ppl and different sources..

    cisos dont work at all =\..

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