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Thread: USB Loader GX loads wrong partition (NTFS vs WBFS)

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    USB Loader GX loads wrong partition (NTFS vs WBFS)

    I have a FreeAgent (SeaGate inside I'd think) 500GB and I've split it into 350/150. WhenI run SUB Loader GX on my 4.2u WII it only loads the NTFS (I can tell by the sizes listed at bottom).
    Is there a way I'm not seeing to change which one it loads. I made sure WBFS is Primary, Active, and first on disk, should I change the NTFS to a logical? I don't wanna run it FAT32 cuz I need the space for storage, also thought I'd put my music there and play thru WII.
    I also NeoGamma installed as a channel and it works fine there, but it's not very - "user friendly" let's say - for people like my wife or mom who would get annoyed scrolling thru text.

    [I hate making a thread for this]

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    Sounds like a setting on the GX. Make sure it is set to WBFS and not the ntfs partition.
    settings/game load/partition/*wbfs*
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    if it's not in the settings (which it likely is) try formatting it on the comp with wdsf manager.

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    had no luck finding the fix that night, but i installed configurable usb loader instead and it works fine

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