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Thread: USB HDD isos are getting corrupted?

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    USB HDD isos are getting corrupted?

    Recently modded a 4.2U. I have USB Loader GX (installed as a channel), and a 500gb Western Digital My Passport Essential HDD. There is a 300gb WBFS partition for games, and the remaining space is partitioned as NTFS.

    The games seem to play fine at first, but then at any given time they just freeze at a loading screen, or I'll go to load them up and the screen is just black.. no Wiimote warning (if that's what you call it). So far this has happened with at least 10 of them, and I have to replace the ISOs. This is happening with both PAL and NTSC games, and I'm not using Ocarina on any of them.

    I believe that the HDD is compatible, as I checked that out before buying it. Any ideas on why this could be happening? One other note is, whenever I load the drive in Windows to drop new games on it, before disconnecting I be sure to stop the USB device properly before pulling the cable out.

    Note: I have tried to load the affected games in Neogamma as well, and the same problem occurs... just either a blank screen / freezing.

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    Check out the USB HD gaming thread here to make sure you didn't miss anything. That HD is compatible, I've got it but didn't divide FAT32/NTFS, I made it all WBFS type myself.


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