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Thread: Homebrew Trouble 4.1U

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    Homebrew Trouble 4.1U

    Today i decided i would try to softmod my wii. I have menu version 4.1U. I followed a tutorial and got to the point where i installed the Homebrew channel using Bannerbomb. I also installed bootmii. I pulled up my wii homebrew channel and there is just a screen with bubbles i can pop whilst fun popping the bubbles that is not my main desire. I tried installing homebrew browser and i couldn't get it to show up on my homebrew channel. I put the homebrew browser files under an apps folder i created myself on the root of my SD.

    I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to get apps and help me figure out how to use homebrew to its fullest potential.

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    quite easy. Ensure your apps have a directory eg /apps/usbloader_gx and the resulting file name of the dol in each folder is boot.dol Give that a try and let us know how you go.
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    System Menu 4.1E | GX-Loader rev938
    Bootmii/Boot2 | Priiloader 0.4
    cIOSx rev19, base ios37 | Hermes v5 (202 ios60/222 ios38)

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    If you get just bubbles, it's because either you don't have the SD card in the slot or it's empty/not configured.

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    Alrighty, i figured it out thank you for your help. I upgraded to 4.2 after removing everything then i downloaded the pack from shadow sonic's guide and followed his guide and it worked


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