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Thread: Cloning with wbfs

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    Question Cloning with wbfs

    I have a 500gb hdd and almost full. I want to tranfer all iso's to a new 1tb hdd. Now with wbfs it says you can clone drive to drive. My question is 500gb I load and shows all games, normal. This is drive J. Now on the bottom is new 1TB drive=H, Now just clone and everything from J goes to H or am I backwards?

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    open the full one at the top... click on the little drive to drive located at the bottom left..... load the other drive then click clone.....make sure the empty drive is wbfs formatted as well....depending on the amount of games you have and their size could take a while because it extracts and then adds automatically so you can just sit back and wait...for about 170 games takes like 12 hours...i'm sure you can wait
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