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Thread: What is the Difference?

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    What is the Difference?

    Ok... from what I have read you can not play a backup of a game without a modchip.

    So tell me this... and excuse the "noobness" of these questions.... What is missing or added to a backup copy that is not on an original? How can a wii tell the difference?

    from what I understand about a dvd once you complete the burn , that is it... no more information can be added. Now if the "key" is is in the chip then what is the programming change within a modchip? Why can't this change be implamented into a oem chip?

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    i believe the mod chip just by passes security checks and region checks... therefore u can play a burned game or a game from a different region... if you are going to download games try to download games from the same region that way you dont have to worry about updates and garbage like that

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    But what security checks are different on a backup then on a original that would make a backup not play without a modchip?

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    i believe no-one knows the exact details because the nintendo wii firmware is closed source. if it were open source the twilight princess hack could be used to load modified wii firmware and nintendo would mocked forever and leave themselves wide open to all sorts or piracy (and wiibuntu!!! that would definately be the coolest desktop around )

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    I believe certain security sectors are not read and are not on the backups

    anyone care to expand on this....?

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    you can ask this about any console not just the wii. With the playstation 1 for example the key was in the way the laser read from the disc and how it reacted back. Since then things get a lot more complicated. Its not possible to emulate a backup to have the same information as an original there is too much difference. The closest thing is pressed backups, but there are checks for that as well. Basically what a modchip does is changes those checks or bypasses them.
    There is a far more complexed answer but its been a few years since I read a book on encryptions. Basically you have media codes and flags, depending how its set is how it allows what media to work. Now with the wii we know there are security sectors like modderman mentioned. The lead in area of the disc as well contains information we can not copy etc as well.
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    If my memory serves me right the PS1 discs had code written to areas of the disc that consumer burners couldn't write to. When you played a burned disc the chip told the machine it was a valid game. Sony ended up finding a work-around by checking if the chip was always sending a valid signal. Maybe the Wii works similarly? Instinct tells me if you're since you make a 1:1 copy this is the only way to.

    Here is a good (and long) video on gaming systems security: [ame=]YouTube - The Xbox 360 Security System and its Weaknesses[/ame]

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    can I add something about how the modchip "tricks the system"
    ok, if anyone have a ps1 right now, observe how the laser goes straight down to the edge of the centre of the disc, why it goes there because the disc have a special code in dashes called hex codes or "morse codes" for the laser to pickup and send the same code into the signal analyzer in the ps1 motherboard telling the system that the disc is legit and allow it to boot (now this sequence takes seconds) now with the modchip install to the board, onto certain access points or backdoors in the signal analyzer, the chip software or firmware sends the same code (what the original disc have) directly into the signal analyzer before the laser even have chance sending the disc signal to the analyzer and then it allows the original or backup to boot direct. I use to make these ps1 modchips a long time with my very first team (they retired in the business).
    So that is my explanation on how the modchip work. But the first generation wiis used to do the same security check as ps1 that is why team wiinja made their chip using the ps1 12c508IC, cause the sequence was the same as ps1. but the second generation wiis (d2c) uses the ps2 coding and the d2c2 and d2e chipset emulates the technology that microsoft uses. (even though nintendo and microsoft don't agree)
    And I think I put everything in a nutshell.
    Any questions?


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