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Thread: Wii Fit Balance Board

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    Wii Fit Balance Board

    Where in the world can you purchase a balance baord for the Wii Fit?? I've tried google and ebay and it's very few and far between. Thanks for any suggestions.

  2. #2 bet is to get up early saturday morning, get your phone, ring every store nearby, perhaps you'll get lucky...

    thats how i got mine.

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    Also try craigslist

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    The best way is to know someone ithat works at GameStop, Walmart etc. or offer them a $10-$20 "tip" to let you know when the shipment is coming in in advance. Seems you have to know somebody on the inside...or forget it. These Wii Fits are bought up primarily by those who resell them on Ebay for a $25 or higher dollar quick profit.


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