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Thread: Bricked Wii PAL from Paper Mario USA (Opera Screen) - Savemii help

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    Bricked Wii PAL from Paper Mario USA (Opera Screen) - Savemii help


    I did this years ago when paper mario updated my pal firmware and now just boots to Opera Screen.

    Done some research and heard of this savemii process so have just recieved mine.

    Tried several discs and autoboot things and nothing seems to work. I have tried original games mario kart seems to turn in the wii but nothing updates.

    My region does not appear in the bottom right of the screen

    Does this mean there is no hope or is there a way for me to unbrick with my Savemii dongle.

    Thanks for taking the time to read any help will be much appreciated

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    Were you updated to a different region? Can you access anything as far as the system menu goes? Do you have preloader (hold reset when you power on.) Do you have bootmii as boot2? (Dvd light will flash twice quickly when you power on)

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    If you are booting to an opera screen you should be able to boot into the recovery menu. I have never used a savemii, so read the directions and make sure you are doing it right. You could also try savemiifrii with a gc-controller.

    Regardless, the savemii will not fix your wii. You need a modchip that is preconfigured to autoboot, region free, update block DISABLED (very important). The seller must configure this for you, or you must have access to another wii as you can not configure it on a brick.

    Once you get your system version to display in the lower right corner, buy a modchip configured as mentioned above. Then burn a copy of NSMB in your wii's region, patch the iso to autoboot with Wii Autoboot before you burn it. This would install 4.1 in your region and fix your brick.

    If you wii is at 3.2 or less you can autoboot loadmii with a modchip, then run Any Region Changer Mod to install the correct system menu and settings.

    Lets me how it goes
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    Thanks for the info seems like I would have some work still to do so may just cut the loss and give up again for the moment

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