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Thread: D2Pro9 w/clip on D2A

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    D2Pro9 w/clip on D2A

    I've read a tons of posts in the forums and believe I have had all my questions answered, however the majority of the posts regard people with D2C and even the newer D2E Wiis.

    I got my hands on a D2A model from a relative, and now want to mod it of course.

    From all the posts, I am leaning towards the D2Pro9 rev 3 + WiiClip V4C-3 presoldered. (I rather not solder on my board - and willing to pay the extra cash just for that reason). Also, I could remove the chip and put it on a D2E vserion my roomate has if I feel like going to the Wiikey.

    Anyway, I've noticed a lot of options in regards to whether or not to upgrade the firmware.

    My questions:
    1) The chip I am going to buy is already programmed with 2.3 - any problems?

    2) My Wii's firmware is 3.1U - can I still use trucha games with this (specifically Guitar Hero Custom)? AND will I have to update to the newer 3.3 if I want to play some of the latest games?

    3) Am I being stupid by not going to a Wiikey? (am I thinking wrong that the D2Pro9 is much more future proof/upgradeable?)

    Anything else I'm missing?


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    if youre going with a presoldered one the D2A/DMS/D2B ones have different points soldered than the ones for D2C/D2C2/D2E. - Official Distributor for WiiKey, D2CKey, D2Pro, D2PRO9, Wiizard, Wii-Clip etc..... - D2PRO9 with WiiClip v4C Presoldered. 100% Solderless - works on D2A D2B and DMS (Powered by CubeCart)

    If youre local in Canada we could do the installation for you if you dont mind shipping or coming by our store.
    Send me a PM if you need any support

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    Thanks for the info...

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    I honestly think that the D2Pro is overkill on anything other then a D2C or D2E. I'd suggest to go for a WiiKey with clip or even wait for a clip for the D2Lite..

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    the wiikey with clip does not work out well at all...a lot of bad clips out there....if you want a good cheap solution then u can get the d2sun which we have for $60 and this is 100% solderless as well..has same features as the other chips but much cheaper


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