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Thread: Transfering Games to the USB hdd wirelessly?

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    Question Transfering Games to the USB hdd wirelessly?

    This is my first post i have needed to do as all teh tutorials have been soo good that I never needed to ask anything.

    Here's my first question (sorry if it's in the wrong section as i'm don't quite know where it should sit)

    I now have a 4.1e wii homebrewed usb gx launcher and a 1 tb disk all on wfsb plugged in the back all singing a happy tune.

    now i have searched for the option but i seem to be drawing a blank....

    My question I've set up my whole tv media stuff with cables hidden in all honesty it would be a little of a ball ache to get the hdd out to plug it into a pc/laptop every time i get a new game...

    Is there anyway/app that will all me to connect to the usb hdd via the wii and send the file over the wifi Lan in my house?

    Thanks for everyones input, especially on the tutorials...
    very good way to run a forum.


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