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Thread: wad boot.dol failed message "you are a pirate"

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    wad boot.dol failed message "you are a pirate"

    I have a version 4.1u wii. Installed homebrew. ran loadMii 0.3 then selected wad and when I tried to run boot.dol I get a message " It seems to me that you are a pirate. bye" . The Hbc works games and such but when I try to install cIOS 222 it looks like it loads it all untill the end about 15 files then it says it failed -101 then -1 Also USB loaded GX won't work It says it need s unstubbed cIOS 222 or 249
    It say I found 222=36868 and 249=3686 " do figur out how to get some cIOS action going in your Wii and come back to see me" . I'm lost. I've read that a 4.1 gan be hacked so where did the "pirate" message come from. I need help, Thanks

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    You damn pirate.
    I think you are following an out dated guide.
    follow the 3.1-4.1 guide linked below.
    Let me know if you have any issues.
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    Thanks Trekster extracted audio from that and now using as ringtone on my phone

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    Thanks for the help. I was using the guide you pointed out and thats when I got the " pirate " message. I did get it fixed with a fire I found on another forum Fix4.0-NeXtRl.rar It downgraded my cIOS then I started over and now it works. Thanks again

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