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Thread: Japanese Wii with Genuine WiiKey 1.9 Firmware, Won't Play Disc

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    Japanese Wii with Genuine WiiKey 1.9 Firmware, Won't Play Disc

    Hey guys,

    I've tried to not be a total n00b and suck so I read a lot of the posts, but I just want to make sure I get this right so I don't brick or destroy my Wii.

    I bought a Japanese Wii with a Genuine WiiKey with 1.9 Firmware from a friend who was moving back to the US (I live in South Korea but I'm American - USA).

    My friend included backups of all of his games and those discs work fine (so I know the WiiKey is still working correctly). They were burned using ImgBurn onto Ritek (maybe a S. Korean brand) DVD-R by my friend and I haven't had any problems with them yet.

    The issue I've been coming across is burning games of my own. One of the games he didn't include is Mario Kart (which I love).

    I downloaded the Japanese version (because I didn't want my Wii to get bricked and that seemed like a way to bypass that issue) and burned it onto a LG DVD-R disc at 2x speed using ImgBurn.

    Even though it's the Japanese version I get this error message after the game loads and I click on the game.

    Flickr Photo Download: IMG_8376

    It looks like the Error 001 message that this other user was getting.

    I removed the disc and tried one of the discs that he included, Wii Play and it worked fine so the system isn't shredded or anything.

    Since I have a Japanese Wii and I'm living in S. Korea I wasn't sure what to do next.

    I think my boyfriend updated the Wii to have the latest firmware, though I don't know what version it is and I couldn't figure out how to check what it was either since the Japanese-English manual I got doesn't include how to find firmware version of your Wii.

    The other issue was that before I downloaded the Japanese version my friend said that if I downloaded other games that weren't Japanese and had an update I would have to use the Japanese Update. I don't know where to get or how to get the Japanese update since I don't read Japanese. Once I get this supposed update I don't know what I should do with it.

    Do I update the ISO while on the computer or do I put the update on a separate disc and update the Wii before using the game? I only find out if the game has an update after I try out the disc because it automatically starts to update and I have to shut down the system before it bricks itself.

    I've read about just using the patches/programs to change the update portion of the game so it doesn't ask for the update, but some games need it, and from what my friend implied getting the Japanese update wasn't that difficult, but I couldn't really figure out how to do that.


    1) Does anyone know why the Japanese version of Mario Kart won't work on my Japanese Wii?

    2) If I want to get the Japanese update for the Japanese Mario Kart, how do I go about that?

    3) Is it better just to use Wiu1.1 Region Patcher to remove the udpate altogether? And if I use that do I also have to get the Brick Blocker or WUM?

    And just for kicks, do any of you have preferences for a certain program? Is Wiu1.1 not as good as WUM or Brick Blocker or are they all necessary for different things?

    I'm sorry this is ridiculously long, but I'm a girl, what do you expect?

    Any help at all would be seriously appreciated as I've tried for about a week now just to play Mario Kart!

    I've tried different discs and etc. so if you could just tell me why the Japanese version doesn't work on the Japanese Wii I would be ridiculously happy.

    Thanks for reading (it was alot, I know).

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    1) If you have already tried different brand of DVD-R disc then it could be a bad image or a problem with you DVD Writer.

    2) You can update from the Wii Settings menu. Take a look at the following video and you can follow along to update

    [ame=]YouTube - Wii System Update[/ame]

    3) Wiu1.1 is very good tool to remove update from iso.

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