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Thread: r4i sdhc upgrade(not version 1.4 problem)

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    r4i sdhc upgrade(not version 1.4 problem)

    hi everyone

    i hope there is someone here that can help me
    i have a r4i sdhc upgrade card(redbox) not the new 1.4 version

    my dsi is running on firmware 1.4e
    when i use the card in the dsi menu the dsi does see the card inserted as it says "r4 sdhc"
    but when i try to enter the card i get an error stating to read the dsi manual
    does anyone know a way to fix this
    besides buying a new card :P

    much thnx in advance

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    no it doesnt help
    or maybe im doing something wrong
    thnx anyway i appreciate it

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    i think i may the problem, i read someplace that if ur dsi is over 1.4 firmware and u dont have a 1.4 r4i sdhc card, it wont work. so basically u will have to get a new one in order to play roms. but if you got the card after the 1st of November, then you should demand a swap because they said this: R4I cards with 1.4-produced after 1st Nov. 2009.
    had to reword it a bit but thats what it meant

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    Cool r4i english v1,09b that is the latest firmware.

    hi type this in your seach bar like google r4i sdhc revolution for ndsi/ndsl/nds upgrade download r4i english v1,09b that is the latest firmware. and it should work,and read on the left what to put onto your card,it should say do not put moonmemo onto the card just the other 3 files.

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    You will have to buy a new r4i that is compatible with 1.4.


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