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Thread: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

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    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

    With a release date for the Wii currently set at June 8th, Tiger Woods 11 takes golfing at home to the next level, and I don't mean angry wives bashing in your car window.

    By implementing "True-View," Tiger Woods 11 allows the gamer to view their golf ball from first-person perspective. The game also touts the ability to follow the angle of your swing, providing an even more accurate read of club placement on the ball. There are some other really nice features in this game which are new to the franchise. For more check out the video:


    Image Source: - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11: Wii Tutorial Trailer And Screenshots
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    Looks good, it's about time they changed it a bit. Was getting a bit too similar every year.
    Great post Ithian

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