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Thread: More news about the DS 2

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    More news about the DS 2

    Details have surfaced from GDC at San Francisco, CA pointing to a potential release this year of Nintendoís DS follow-up. This isnít a new iteration of existing DS tech, either. The report mentions dual screens being used as one, an accelerometer, and development kits comparable to the GameCube.

    Raymond Padilla questioned anonymous developers that claimed to be working on the ďDS2Ē (no official name was revealed). Allegedly, the system will also have two screens even larger than the DS, but the gap between them will be so narrow that games will utilize both to display one big picture. We'd like to see a DS where the "other" screen can be used for something other than a map, so this is a good start.

    The development kit is said to be comparable in power to the GameCube. Game creators who are familiar with the GameCube or Wii will be right at home crafting games for the new handheld. Developers busy working on games said there isnít much of a learning curve.

    Additionally, an accelerometer is said to be incorporated into the handheld. If youíve toyed around with pretty much any smart phone, youíre familiar with the screen tilting action. We imagine this will lead to many balance beam and pinball minigames.

    These game creators said the games for the new handheld will be completed by the end of the year. Whether Nintendo releases the unit by then is still mysterious. However, enigmatic sources say that we might see an E3 2010 announcement and a release later this year.

    None of this is confirmed yet (does that make it a rumor?)

    sOurce - Nintendo DS Successor Already Being Developed For? - News -


    - 2 screens
    - Screens are bigger and are of higher resolution
    - Gap between the two screens is very small
    - Developers will be able to use both screens as one big screen (seen in some DS games)
    - System will have an accelerometer
    - Dev kit is similar in power to the GameCube, devs with GCN/Wii experience will be able to create games somewhat easily
    - Developers indicating that there isnít much of a learning curve with the kit
    - Some developers will have their games complete before the end of 2010
    - System might be announced at E3, might release this year
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