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    hi guys im new to all this so please can i have some help and i mean the super dummies guide to it all.

    i have bought a wii and am getting a chip put in next week. my sister in law has the same chip and can play both real bought and 'bali copy' games fine so thats not the problem.

    my problem is... my sister in law has lent me some of her games so i can burn them and use them (both real bought and 'bali copy' games) i want a run through on how to burn these games onto disks for myself. i tried to read ure guide and got stuck on the iso bit (i know i said i needed a dummies guide).

    i think i understand the imgburn bit but what do i do to get the original game onto my computer so i can then burn it to a disk.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
    thanks xox nelle

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    For the copied games, all you have to do is a disc to disc copy. For the originals you need a specific LG drive to be able to read and dump the image before burning.

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    thanks heaps, i actually had a play around and already found the easiest way to copy the burnt disks i guess i wont be able to burn the real ones tho coz my comp just keeps saying no disk.

    guess im not quite as dumb as i thought. thanks again


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