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Thread: Superman Wii

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    Superman Wii

    Well, back again with another customisation
    This time, its the super cool superman theme.

    Pity there is no superman game for the Wii :-(


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    That is sweet. Good Job. Do you get paid to do this? How much do you charge?

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    Quote Originally Posted by McTwitch View Post
    That is sweet. Good Job. Do you get paid to do this? How much do you charge?

    Thx for the comment...This is my own Wii. I did have the chrome case installed but it was just too easy to put finger prints and smudges on it.
    So I decided, I would like to go the superman route with one of them blue cases. Turned out well.
    I may put a red led on the front instead of the standard blue one. I find the clone red leds are not as bright as the original leds though :-/ Although the green led version IS bright.

    I would of course do this customisation for anyone that wanted it, and charge accordingly for the time and effort.

    Really like that superman theme by John Williams!..


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    Let's hope if they do make a superman game for the wii it won't be a dissapointment like previous games.

    Anyway, nice Design!

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    That is simply amazing, you should like start a business or somthing man. : D

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