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Thread: Where is the Shop Channel info stored?

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    Where is the Shop Channel info stored?

    On the server or on the wii? Since you've gotta delete your account to change shop regions now (think that's the deal anyway), can it be backed up? Is there a program to do it?
    I initially thought that it was stored on the server, but since AnyTitleDeleter could take away your re-download rights, I'm unsure now. :/

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    i beileve nintendo stores your downloads and wii points and their own server. if you want to change shop regions use AnyRegionChanger. your wii points will be gone and you cant redownload titles you've bought. you can change the shop version again via AnyRegionChanger if you want to use your wii points again.

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    Changing it back fixes nothing, because simply changing the wii's region won't make the shop channel work (anymore). It gives an errror code. Several guides have mentioned that you have to delete your account beforehand in order for region switching to work with the shop, but I'm reluctant to do that.

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