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Thread: Usbloader GX issue

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    Usbloader GX issue

    every time i try to install a game on usb loader gx it doesnt work, i get some of the same kind of errors on other things but its kinda random. when i open up usbloader gx it starts up fine and dandy, and i can go through all the settings and whatnot. but i press install game and i get a "DSI exception" error with loads of numbers after it. so i can never get that to work :/


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    Try deleting all the cover art and re-downloading it.

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    Also, make sure you're using the current-most version of USB Loader GX --- look here.

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    id like to mention that i have never used usb loader before, i have just recently modded my wii, so if its possible i missed a step somewhere does that sound probable? ill get that usb loader and see whats up.

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    Typically if you missed a step then you would not be able to get into USB Loader GX at all, you would just get a black screen.

    Just for clarification, When you say, "every time i try to install a game on usb loader gx it doesnt work", I assume you mean that you start USB Loader and get to the game list screen, even if there are no games. Then you insert an original disc and it prompts you to install it or mount the DVD drive, or you already have the original disc in the drive and you click the "+" to install the game to your hdd.

    Do you have any games on your HDD already?
    If so, do they work?

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    Hi dude, i had the same things. i was loading usb loading gx from channel menu, it is showed black screen with what what Error with lots of number.
    When I trying to launch it from Homebrew channel, it work just fine. I dont know what problem.

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    There are certain units that've popped up that refuse to work via channel/wad install, they'll black screen. It used to be only if you screwed up the cIOS installation this would happen. The last poster is correct in that some will more than happily work via HBC/boot.dol, but fail miserably as channel/wad. Generally tho, black screens not DSI dumps tho.

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    i seemed to have fixed the problem, i didnt have a usb drive that was formated correctly, i used wbfs manager and formated and added a game. now i can install games just fine. i dunno if that fixed it, but it works perfectly. thanks for the help everyone


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