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Thread: Modified Wii w/ Accessories and Games - For sale

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    Modified Wii w/ Accessories and Games - For sale

    I have a modified Wii with a Wiikey chip installed. I purchased the Wii on release date and modified awhile ago. I haven't had a single issue, and everything is in mint condition.

    3 Wiimotes
    2 Nunchuks
    2 Classic Controllers
    2 Gamecube Controllers

    Elebits (Retail Disc)
    Legend of Zelda (Retail Disc)
    Wii Sports (Retail Disc)
    No Selling/Buying/Trading of Backup allowed

    I'm looking to get around $500. Please PM me if you're interested.
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    nice package. i have similar deal...but yours look pretty good too
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