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Thread: Brick Prevention!

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    Exclamation Brick Prevention!

    Hi I recently successfully softmodded my Wii and I was wondering how to full protect myself from bricking.

    I have BootMii installed as IOS not boot2 (I know it would be better to do it as boot2 but I won't let me )

    I also have Priiloader installed working fine.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Knowledge is your best defense. Read this link.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Best brick prevention Dont do anything Stupid......themes,uninstalling ios lower then 200 etc

    Yea priiloader is the only thing.Your as safe as you can be without boot2

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    haha beat you to it cile
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Brick Prevention:
    Low Level: NAND Restoration and software on ARM & PPC side - bootmii/boot2 -> Don't touch boot2 (there's no software other than the installer to do so anyway)
    System Menu Patch: Run software if banner-bricked - Priiloader -> Don't touch the System Menu.
    System Menu Patch: Run software if banner-bricked - UUDv4 -> Don't touch the System Menu.
    System Menu Patch: Run updates if banner-bricked - SaveMii -> Don't touch the System Menu
    Emulation: Emulate your Wii using bootmii so you never make real changes to the Wii. All changes go to SD card. - SNEEKv2 -> Install Priiloader & autoboot to bootmii/IOS OR Install bootmii/boot2. This option will prevent USB/SD loading from working. Disc backups work.


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