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Thread: Points2Shop, get free stuff from Amazon!

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    Points2Shop, get free stuff from Amazon!

    That's right! Complete simple offers on the site and order anything you want from!

    1 point = 1 U.S. dollar

    Earn from 20 to 6000 points from one offer!

    I've been using this site and it's become one of my favorites! I go on it on a regular basis now and enjoy every second of it! I have lots of fun with the nice member, the contests, lotteries, games and more!

    So does this sound good to you? Just register here: Click here to register! and you'll be ordering in no time!

    From CD's, to DVD's to books to video games to EVERYTHING! Just sign up here:
    Click here to register!

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    Spammerrr everyone knows that most of these sites are scam sites used to get personal info, and into your compy. You should not be allowed to post, but I am not a mod lol so I can't do anything about it but complain. :\

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    No, it's no scam.

    Click here for proof.


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