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Thread: Save Extractor/Save Installer Issues

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    Save Extractor/Save Installer Issues

    when i try to dump a gamesave, it reads the disc just fine, and then it says

    "dumping savegame data (please wait) ... Error! (ret = -1) "

    just today, ive re-installed hb and save ext/inst. on 4.2u, and cannot get the thing to dump the save. what can i do? would installing wad mngr and cios249 help? thanks

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    I believe you need cIOS to run the savegame managers. Just follow the 4.2 guide linked below, then use Savegame Manager or try SaveGame Manager GX
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    thank you VERY much for pointing me in the right direction. worked fine.

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    What am I supposed to do after I've extracted the desired save?


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