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Thread: New Easy Homebrew Installer

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    Thumbs up New Easy Homebrew Installer

    Penpvdbs has released a new Easy homebrew installer v1.1

    Release 9 september 2008 Easy homebrew installer for firmware 3.2 and 3.3
    [ame=]YouTube - Wii homebrew easy installer. by Penpvdbs (works with 3.3 now)[/ame]

    News Source: homebrewtube

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    very nice, have had a lot of people asking me how to install on the 3.3 now I can point them here
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    Or you can just use the Wii pack generator

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    Hi there!
    Nice guide,

    I was just wonderin, since I have a wii which is modded, but I lost my twilight disc(I had paid btw), so can I use a "backup" which I can download off the internet, and will that work in making my wii able to play homebrew items


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    Yes, you can use a back up to install homebrew.

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    backup please

    How can you use a backup if you need to know that number on the inside of the disc? and does someone have a backup I can DL or can i just search one?

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    Thats a good point, I missed that part. But it looks like that is used to determine the region of the TP, so I suppose if you choose the correct one for your region it may do the trick, but I don't have sure fire answer for you on that at this time.

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    thanks i'll try it

    btw fleshybitz, you must google it up, you could use a torrent or sth
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    region TP

    OK, I will try it also and see what happens then report back.


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