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Thread: Should I upgrade to 4.2 from 3.2U with a WiiKey 2 (Homebrew already installed)

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    Us Should I upgrade to 4.2 from 3.2U with a WiiKey 2 (Homebrew already installed)

    My Wii is version 3.2u and I have a WiiKey 2 Chip Clip installed. I also have updated to the most recent version of HomeBrew (previously installed with Twilight Hack about a year ago).

    My big question is, "Should I upgrade to version 4.2?" I've read a lot of stories that I should and that I should not, but which is it and why?

    My biggest goal is to softmod my wii to play backups off a usb drive. I'm tired of storing a ton of DVDs - some of which don't work well, like Mario Bros Brawl or other duel layer games.

    My second biggest question is HOW? How should I go about upgrading safely (if that is the thing to do) and HOW do I set up to use a USB hard drive (Which loader should I use, can I get it on it's own channel, etc?

    To tell the truth, since I installed homebrew on my 3.2U I kinda stopped paying attention to all the new mods, hacks, etc. Now, that my brother bought a new Wii (4.2u) I started looking into what I have to do to mod his system. WOW! There is a lot of new mods and other information. It's a bit of an overload. I think I can mod his system to have homebrew easily enough, and I think I have a good idea on how to add a USB loader on his system, too. But, when I was first hacking my system, the USB loaders weren't even an option. So, I am at a complete loss where to begin (or pickup and continue) on my wii.

    Thanks to all that help.

    P.S. Please, if you have instructions for me, make them clear step-by-step. Things like, "upgrade your IOS 60 and apply the most current channel patch." leaves me with more questions than answers.

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    No, don't upgrade to 4.2. Use the guide from here - - and this will get your system to 4.1 and softmodded to play off a usb drive.

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    4.2 will restrict your Wiikey2 to playing in region backups only. 4.2 only provided some anti-homebrew and anti-modchip changes and anything below 4.2 is 'better'.

    3.2 is good, but a little old school. 4.1 is nice because you have the SD channel.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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