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Thread: HELP HELP red light

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    HELP HELP red light

    i just installed D2PRO9 rev 2.0 with WiiClip v4C
    and all i get is red light and a clicking sound
    when i apply power nothing happens then i use the remote and turn it on and theres only a red light on the chip and a clicking sound

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    Did you make sure that the clip is correctly aligned and tightly clipped on to the Wii Drive. It should almost be touching the PCB board of the wii drive. What is your Wii Drive type? Do you know the h/w firmware version of the D2Pro9v2 and the SPI Flash version?

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    yes its installed correctly
    and i just bought it from canada mods
    i email them they said there chips are all up to date

    so basically i just wanna know how to i tell if the chip is bad
    how do i know if maybe they just forgot to update it
    is this a problem with older version like the firmware and utility

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    ahh problem solved just sending the chip back to canadamods getting a new one faulty chip


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