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Thread: Updated wii from internet now wonīt recognise backups and wonīt read NTSC games

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    Talking Updated wii from internet now wonīt recognise backups and wonīt read NTSC games

    I have a PAL wii, bought in the Netherlands. I had someone install a mod chip (wii key I believe) and it would read back ups and games from other regions.

    I am now living in Mexico, and I connected the wii to the Internet and stupidly ran an update... now wii wonīt read any back ups or American games.

    I read about updating the wii key... but I really donīt know how to do this... is there a step by step guide somewhere that I can follow?
    ill updating the wii key fix this problem?

    Thank you all in advance.

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    The 4.2 update stops you from playing out of region games. Updating your wiikey will not help. Sorry.
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    Dear Krank,
    Thank you for your response.
    What about reading back ups? After the update it wont read any of my back ups.
    Is there any way to fix this?

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    Oh sorry I missed that part...not really sure why it won't play any backups but I don't know very much about hardmods, sorry.
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    Your wiikey might be fried. Some 4.2 can fry a modchip. You may have been the unlucky few. You can try to open up the wii and see if the lights are flashing like they are suppose to on the chip.
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    dear mamacita,
    u may like to try these,
    a. reburn the previous game disc with 16x dvd-r at 2x~4x burning speed ( as low as possible)
    b. buy yourself a usb-hdd (120GB~320GB suggested) and start ur USB-Loader adventure. u could migrate all your previous games into the hdd at wish

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    Thank you all for your replies. I went back and tried all of the back ups just to check, and some of them are playable, some of them the wii wonīt recognize at all and others it will recognize the game on the main screen, but once I click on the disk channel it canīt read the disk... (My orginal back-ups where done in DVD+R burned at low speed... and they all used to work fine.)
    Do you know why this happens on some and not on others?

    I will try billyhomeīs advice and re-burn the games to see if it will work.

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    You should be burning on DVD-R. Not +
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    Technically if the drive has bitsetting it could be set to DVD-ROM. Either would work, but there's a school of thought that says -R is easier on the laser. If you used +R, you may want to look into your settings on the backup loader and see if you have enabled the -002 error fix.

    Edit: oh, hardmod only then, right? I do know a hardmodded 4.2 Wii will only play games from the same region --- there is no work-around with 4.2 and hardmods.
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    Hello again.
    So I tried burning on Verbatim DVD- at 1x speed but still didnīt work...
    any suggestions?

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