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Thread: modern warfare reflex problems turning left to right

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    modern warfare reflex problems turning left to right

    Now I know this probs sounds stupid but could anyone help me, i can not turn left and right on COD MW reflex i have learned how to do everything else but just cant manage to turn. If i press the home button on the remote and piont the hand to the left of the centre then press home again i start spinning to the left very slowly if i was to do it again and point the hand to the far right and press home he starts spinning to the right fast. . . help needed

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    Do you have your motion sensor set up right in the wii settings? Are you saying it only does this when you press the home button?

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    sorry will post introduction,
    yes the only way i can get him to rotate left/right is if i press home the position curser then hit the home again. but then he continuse to turn

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    I'm having exactly the same problem, don't think it's anything to do with the motion sensor, thought it might be a bad download, but now i'm not so sure. i will continue to investigate, let me know if you find any solution.

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    I've just taken the same copy of modern warfare over to my mates house it works 100% on his wii so maybe it's a problem with the remotes or as 'Krank' said the sensor settings.

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    Borrow your Friends controller and see if it works on your wii. Also go into Options-Settings-Sensor Bar- Sensitivity and make sure it is adjusted right.

    Have you tried unplugging the nunchuck from the wiimote In Game when this happens? Then plugging it back in?
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    I know what's faulty.It is your Nunchuck!When you are not using ur nunchuck all works fine right?You see,there is one wire that controls movements of Wii Remote.Looks like like this little wire is broken.Try to plug in another nunchuck and see what will happen.Also,try the nunchuck in other games.Do u get same result?

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    ive had this problem with the nun chuck, the character just spins, I just unplug the nun chuck and plug it back in. Annoying but it works. Not on this game but on others.


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